Watch us try to explain why Scott Lake is the best fishing trip you will ever have

Now is the time to start to get excited about 2018, we are sold out for 2017! Here is a teaser and our best attempts to explain why we think Scott Lake Lodge is the best option for a northern fishing experience.

Sharing a Story about fishing in the Northwest Territories

A great read about Scott Lake Lodge and the lure of fishing for northern pike, lake trout and arctic grayling at the best fishing lodge in northern Canada. The wilderness of Northern Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories around Scott Lake offer guests an unbelievable amount of room to roam and explore all while staying in […]

Arctic Grayling Fishing at Scott Lake Lodge

The Arctic Grayling For many Scott guests a trip to the north is not complete without a flyout to catch some artic grayling – a true icon of the far north. Grayling are delicate, beautiful fish well suited to ultra-light spinning tackle or light (3 to 4 weight) fly rods. The flyouts from Scott are […]

Christmas Comes Early

Guide Retreat 2017 Christmas came quite a bit early this year for the Scott Lake Lodge Guide Team—Christmas Island that is, an exotic island more formally known as Kiritimati, part of the country of Kiribati.  Whatever one calls it, it’s a piece of paradise. That remote speck of land in the middle of the Pacific […]

Top Tackle For Pike

“What tackle should I bring?” is a popular question from many guests who are travelling north to do battle with some giant pike. The easy answer is: nothing. Our guides and the tackle shop on site have all the goods to keep you reeling in the pike throughout your trip. But the long answer is…what […]