Happy Thanksgiving

Though the Scott Lake Lodge staff will not be sitting down to a Thanksgiving dinner together, as a group we are immensely thankful for you, our valued guests, thankful for the time spent together, the friendships, the generosity and your continued support. As the Holiday season brings your family together we hope you think back […]

The Final Fifteen

At the 60th parallel late August isn’t late summer—it’s fall. That means fall fishing at Scott Lake Lodge, one of our guide’s favorite times. The changing of the season with the heavy migration of geese, the gathering of common loons, and the subtle shift in the color of the birch trees brings out the best […]

The Beat Goes On

Farewell to Summer In most years the seasons at Scott Lake Lodge morph into each other seamlessly: you really don’t notice the divide between summer and fall. Not so this year. There was no ambiguity on August 18th when a vicious north wind brought 50 degree temperatures and spawned huge waves that kept most guests […]

Summer Season on Scott

It’s summertime and the fishing, at least most of the time, is easy. Well it was easy most of the time, except when cold fronts creep into the 60th parallel. We had three days of cool and windy weather when our sixth group of the season was at the lodge, but they still caught a […]

Spring Fishing Fever

  Here on the border of Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, Scott Lake Lodge offers three distinct seasons during our eleven weeks of operations that begin on June 10 and end on August 29th: two weeks of spring, six weeks of summer, and three weeks of fall. We don’t know what the summer and fall […]