Christmas Comes Early

Guide Retreat 2017 Christmas came quite a bit early this year for the Scott Lake Lodge Guide Team—Christmas Island that is, an exotic island more formally known as Kiritimati, part of the country of Kiribati.  Whatever one calls it, it’s a piece of paradise. That remote speck of land in the middle of the Pacific […]

Top Tackle For Pike

“What tackle should I bring?” is a popular question from many guests who are travelling north to do battle with some giant pike. The easy answer is: nothing. Our guides and the tackle shop on site have all the goods to keep you reeling in the pike throughout your trip. But the long answer is…what […]

Fly fishing for Trophy Northern Pike – a birds eye view.

Watch this incredible overhead drone footage of what sight fishing pike with a fly rod should look like. Your guide spots it, gives you direction, you cast, strip, set! The fight is on and the fish comes to the net! A quick photo and back she goes. We are lucky to be able to replay […]

Float plane drop off at a fly out lake

A pretty special moment for anyone thats been there. You fly from the main lodge to your own lake for the day. A true visit to the Canadian wilderness. That moment when the plane takes off is awesome (and a little scary) then the awe passes and it’s time to get to work fishing for […]

Big Northern Pike T Bones a Smaller one

Have a look at what northern fishing is like at a pristine Canadian Fishing Lodge. Trophy northern pike eating smaller specimens right off your hook? This takes sight fishing up a notch!! You see the pike, cast, watch him eat and set the hook…all of the sudden the it feels like you’re hooked on the […]